Monday, 18 January 2010

Some happiness for the most depressing day of the year.

Today is 'Blue Monday' and has been since a PR agency coined it so in 2005. It involved some 'questionable' maths, a bit of logical thinking and a neat press release is depressed encourage Brits to book a summer holiday.

While, according to the Guardian article on it The maths has as much scientific rigour as a game of 'rock, papper, scissors'. Blue Monday is now an integral part of the January news agenda, especially when there is no longer any snow to talk about. Showing, I guess, the potential strength of news content - create a day that did not exist before, sit back and wiat for it to grow. A bit like Mother's Day I suppose.

Anyway, as we're all meant to be an absolute low-ebb, I thought it appropriate to share this viral Coke on how to cheer up the Punters at this time of year. Put a dude in Coke machine, place in college Refectory and give away free stuff. Genius


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