Thursday, 4 June 2009

20 years of democracy in Poland - do they still love politicans this much?

Day 2 in Warsaw so I thought I'd go and explore in between rain showers. I was drawn to the sound of live music. I walked past a fashionista bar called CONfashion - awful name and bizarre papping going on outside, to the opera house. A huge Glasto scale stage has been erected and a local band were mid-sound check. I had no idea what was going on, no one in the office had mentioned a festival. It was only as I strolled on and found an outdoor photo gallery that all became clear.

Its 20 years since free democratic elections in Poland - and there's going to be something of a party tonight. CNN also helped me grasp this (my only English language channel) with a Poland Week.

I love this pic of Lech Wavensa - taken in 1981 when he was leading the ship workers of Gdansk against the might of the Soviet Bloc and Marshall Law. So I asked myself - could politicians be as popular now?

Well of course not - he was a freedom fighter, a revolutionary then. I need to research more his record as President and see how it went. What I do know is that according to the Independent, Poles as so content with the EU, the turnout on Sunday could be as low as 15-17%. Not a sign of utter apathy or, in the UKs case, disgust. Simply a sign of basic satisfaction.

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